Your care is ongoing and Juventa is here for you long-term!  Treatment requirements are often interlinked and one treatment can really compliment another.  In order to promote and ensure harmonious results, your Juventa clinician will provide you with comprehensive information and understanding for a  shared vision with direction to where you can travel in your journey to replenish, define and refine your you! 

Juventa clinic delivers a wide range of non-surgical anti-ageing treatments, all carried out by an experienced and qualified aesthetics clinician.

After an initial consultation and assessment, a bespoke package will be created using our knowledge of treatments, your skin requirements and what we understand will yield the best possible outcomes. All will take into consideration your starting point and aims to be achieved.   

Treatments to consider:

Frequently asked questions 

What is the cost of an Anti-Ageing Package?

As our packages are completely personalised to you, cost is completely dependent on the treatments selected and agreed. The cost of a package will be discussed, outlined and agreed prior to starting.

How long will results last?

This is dependent on the treatments administered and the client. Some treatments give permanent results while others require repeat applications to sustain the desired results. All information regarding this, including maintenance considerations, will be outlined in your personalised consultation.  

Treatment Overview

Procedure(s) Time / Timescales

Varies depending on treatment

Outcomes seen / achieved

Varies depending on treatment

Side Effects

Varies depending on treatment


Minimal to none due to being non-surgical treatments administered

Return to Work



Topical numbing cream may be applied dependant on the treatment

Please refer to the Juventa disclaimer for supporting information