The Vampire Facial uses your own blood platelets, Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP), to stimulate new cell growth, helping to improve your complexion and skin texture.

The treatment involves the taking of your blood which is then spun using a centrifuge to separate the blood and plasma. This is then drawn up into syringes. From this, the PRP is then injected into targeted areas before then the addition of a microneedling treatment throughout the full face (or target treatment area) to compliment and aid with further product penetration.

Results become evident from a single treatment however, a course of four treatments are recommended for best results.

The benefits for having a Vampire Facial are:

Treatment Price

Treatment Overview

Procedure(s) Time / Timescale

60 minutes (dependant on number of areas targeted) 

Outcomes seen / achieved 

Within days

Side Effects

Swelling and bruising lasting 48 – 72 hours



Return to work

Next day



Frequently asked questions 

What is the recovery like after treatment?

This treatment does not require very much time for recovery or downtime, you should be able to return home or to work as normal. You have the potential risk of swelling and bruising from the PRP Injections. Depending on the individual, this should subside within a few hours (if bruising, this can take a few days). 

The Micro-needling treatment will make your skin slightly ‘pink’ however, this will subside over 24 to 48 hours. The downtime and recovery is very low – pink injected PRP – swelling, risk of bruising, 24-72 return to work within a day

When will I see a result?

You may see an improvement after a single treatment however the full course of 3 is recommended as results really do depend on the individual person, the skins condition prior to treatment and lifestyle factors. In consultation, we will discuss your skin and the results we aim to achieve, this will support your   understanding and expectations for this treatment.

How many treatments will I need?

It is recommend that a course of at least 3 treatments are carried out in order to achieve and maintain maximum benefits and results from this treatment.

Are there any risks?

This is a very low risk treatment however, this does depend on the individual and the consultation we will assess if this is the correct procedure for you. It is important that you disclose any ailments and all current medication to ensure we limit any risks.

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